What does one wear to meet Slavoj Zizek?


Okay, so I met world famous intellectual Slavoj Zizek, technically last night when he gave a lecture at our university; we (the students in my seminar — on Zizek) got to join in on a coffee/breakfast chat with him before his plane left. And by chat, I mean him talking nonstop about academic gossip and movies and Heidegger and how James Joyce was a promising young author who went totally astray. Most of us were mainly too intimidated to say anything.

He was way nicer than I thought. I kind of expected from Zizek!, that he’d be like, mean and scary, and make fun of people who asked stupid questions. Which there were. Especially at the public lecture; this one guy was like “I totally love and get all your stuff, but [statement which totally misses the point of the lecture Zizek gave]. Don’t you think?” Followed by the same question three more times (with theoretical name-dropping), and then a question that you could only ask if you had no concept at all of the Real, which is pretty much Zizek 101: Reading 10 pages out of one his books ever. I think a lot of them were English students, because it was put on (kind of bizarrely) by the English Department.

Nonetheless, it’s pretty amazing to like, have a coffee with the guy you’re actually taking a class on. Actually, he had Diet Coke.