Subtitle: Nothing exciting has happened to me this week; I have gone to the movies four times (I wish there was a word for “four times” like “thrice,” that I could say instead of “four times”. Sigh.)

So this morning, I woke up when Alex left for work, then went back to sleep, as I usually do. He then called me when he got to work, and, since I didn’t have to be on campus until later, I set my cell phone alarm to wake me an in an hour so I could edit my paper proposal and write presentation grades and comments for my students before it was time to go teach. When the alarm went off, I hit snooze.

I found myself laying in bed, knowing I had work to do. But I was so comfortable. So, I said this, literally, out loud, to myself. “Would it be wrong for me to bring my computer in here and work…in bed? …So wrong it’s right!!!”

In grad school, you make your own fun.

*This season hasn’t been the awesomest, despite the fact that Tyra Banks has been even more of a trainwreck than usual (I loved it when she fell down), but I am totally rooting for the twins, both together and individually. They are funny-looking, but funny-looking like models, not funny-looking like Jaeda. Also, they do not seem like total idiots, which is a plus. I think Caridee will actually win: she is cute, has been likeably edited, and seems perky like a CoverGirl spokesmodel ought to be.