Dudes, I’m sure you saw this small news item about how I have to boil my drinking water. My prof tells me this isn’t a frequent occurence, because seriously, right now, about a sixteenth of the population of the whole country cannot drink water from the tap. It’s like Little House on the Prairie. But with electricity.

Last night, the solution was simple: go to the pub down the street for dinner and drink beer. We are modern, city dwellers. When life gives us lemons, we find some people we can pay to make lemonade. (Metaphorical lemonade; they couldn’t make real lemonade, because, again, we can’t drink the tap water.) And bring it to us.

But this morning, because of my failure to actually boil water the previous night to put in the coffee maker, we had no coffee. Also, Starbucks had no coffee. I could handle boiling my teeth-brushing water, but then I realized that STARBUCKS IS NOT SELLING ANY COFFEE. I live in the third-largest city in the country. A country that the UN has frequently named as being one the best places in the world to live. And I haven’t gotten to drink any coffee today, because of the WATER QUALITY.

Seriously, Vancouver. You aren’t going to win any “best city in the world” surveys if people can’t safely drink the tap water.

Can you tell I have had no coffee?

UPDATE: The campus Tim Horton’s is filling their coffeemakers from a water cooler. Halle-freaking-lujah.