So after a couple of months of living here, Alex and I figured we should make some vague attempt to get to know our actual neighbourhood.

We started off with brunch, at Slickity Jim’s. Getting brunch is one of my favourite things ever, and SJ’s was totally not a disappointment. I got scrambled eggs with goat feta, tomatillo salsa and avocado on an English muffin; Alex got this crazy eggs benedict-type deal with black olives, asagio and poached pear. The coffee was strong, the food came out fast, it was great. Then we set out exploring the neighbourhood: we walked up Main and discovered Solly’s Bagels, which I could tell I was going to love the second we walked in and “Good Morning” from Singin’ in the Rain was playing and the whole place smelled like fresh bread and cinnamon. We got a half-dozen of the freshest bagels ever and promised ourselves we’d come back for the frozen blintzes and chicken soup.

We wandered around and looked at about 1,000 consignment stores, one of which I left with an awesome 100% cashmere sweater for $19. It will require slight repairs, but it fits like a glove. We found an awesome store that has crazy bulk craft supplies; we are going to go back and get stuff to make fridge magnets. Then we got lattes and I got a jaunty cap before we headed home.

We passed at least 3 or 4 restaurants I want to eat at, and I saw a bunch of cute clothes I wanted. We’ve apparently landed ourselves right in the middle of hipsterville.

It felt the most like a Toronto Sunday in a long time.