This is my last NaBloPoMo post, meaning I have blogged every single day for the month of November. This is good, because it definitely rekindled my love of blogging, and willingness to post about movies I watched, because people actually respond to those posts.

Here is my November in review:

1) I had to boil my drinking water for the first time ever. I know I already complained about this, but THIS IS WHY I DO NOT LIVE IN THE COUNTRY. I might as well have to pump it from a frickin’ well.

2) It snowed. For two days straight. In Vancouver. School closed for a day. There is still snow on the ground and I can tell you it is getting less pretty by the minute. It is starting to melt, which is much, much less awesome. They had to reroute my bus. Because, I think (?), they don’t have snowplows. 2a) Though it is apparently the law, you wouldn’t know it from the unshoveled sidewalks in my neighbourhood.

3) I have so much work to do. Grading papers, writing papers, reading papers. Then I am going home for Christmas and in Toronto for New Year’s. (FYI I will be in Calgary Dec 17-27, and then to Toronto Dec 27-Jan 4).

4) Classes are basically over starting tomorrow, but I have a little under three weeks to finish up writing papers. This is kind of good, because it means I have all my time to work on papers, but kind of bad because I don’t do well without structure. Note to self: invent a structure.