Who would guess that the world’s most expensive chocolates (several times over) are made in a tiny kitchen shoehorned between a pair of hair salons in a half-abandoned strip mall in Plano, Texas?

Okay, maybe it’s just because I am a bit of a dork about food and about sticking it to the man, but I was totally rapt reading this 10-part investigative series on overpriced chocolate. The dude sets out to see what the fuss is about Noka Chocolate, a.k.a. “the most expensive chocolate in the world.” It manages both to totally bust them (as it turns out they misrepresent their product, which is essentially just commercially available chocolate from a reputable supplier that they temper and repour for the squares and combine with cream to make truffles as opposed to actually making the it from the “rarest cacao sourced from exclusive plantations around the world”), and also teaches the discerning consumer a bunch of stuff about the chocolate industry at the same time. (via Mefi)

I can’t wait to stop essaying and start baking.