So this weekend Alex and I were pretty rugged and Vancouver-y. We went on a walk through the storm-ravaged Stanley park, and then decided, basically on a lark, to walk across the Lion’s Gate Bridge. It was a warm, clear day, and we were right when we thought we’d be able to see everything from up there. But it was totally scary, because it’s really high up and you can feel all the cars driving by, and furthermore because it is basically flat, and there is totally a gap your foot could fall through between the surface of the bridge and the railing. Technically, I knew that like, hundreds (thousands?) of cars go over that thing every day, and I wasn’t actually in any danger of injury, but I couldn’t help being all fluttery and nervous.

Once across and in North Van, we basically had nothing to do but go to the sprawling North Van mall which we knew to contain a Whole Foods. And. I hit my knee on a display shelf thing holding some cute sweaters at Banana Republic. Like, really hard. There’s a lump just under my right kneecap and it still hurts to put weight on my leg when it’s bent (aka sitting down, standing up, going up and down stairs). I got fucking injured at Banana fucking Republic. It’s like, the upper-class yuppie milieu to which I occasionally aspire is actually attacking me.