“We should go to the good bookstore. They’re having a sale. 30% off film books!”

Alex is trying to cheer me up, because I lost $20 and I am sad. It’s really not the end of the world, but I hate feeling irresponsible.

As I walk to the (typically) tiny film section, the first thing I see is this:


My day is saved! Then I open it up to see how much it costs, and I see this:



This is an amazing find. From the introduction:

We spent one more day in Junin, and during that time I found out why we all tripped on that top step. I felt that I should record this in some way so I wouldn’t forget it. As we left for our next stop in Argentina, I remember saying to Gloria–out of the clear blue sky–”The top step in the hotel in Who-neen is mean.” It sort of surprised me that what I had just said rhymed. So that night…

Somebody paid money to publish this book, paid an illustrator to illustrate it, and then actual people paid actual money to purchase it.

*No idea if it’s real, but sources point to yes, because a) cursory google searches turn up pretty similar-looking ones and b) who would fake such a thing?