Dudes, I’m done all my essays! And I’m on summer break! So now I should probably get a job? Summer semester marking is NOT going to pay the the rent.

Ideally I will get a reception job where I can keep a book at my desk and they will pay me $20 an hour. Realistically I will get a reception job where I have tasks to be completed all the time and they will pay me $13 an hour. This isn’t a bad deal, it will put food on the table and rent movies for me. (Did you guys know Alex hasn’t seen Bring It On? This must be rectified.)

I have kind of had a rough couple of weeks, what with the being really stressed about school, having writer’s block or something, and reading the most depressing book ever. The world, it is not a good place. I am pretty sure I hate everything. Like, I may have thought I hated everything before, but I feel so negative about what is going on with the human race and the total lack of possible solutions and my total powerlessness in this regard that now I am pretty positive that this is the REAL DEAL of world-hating. Is this what growing up is? I mean, I am a functional world-hater, I make my fish tacos and watch my TV shows and do my work and find shopping oddly comforting, even if I don’t actually buy anything; but ultimately, my reaction to everything is run through a filter of world-hating cynicism. And I don’t think I could change that even if I wanted to. See above re: the world.

Things are dire: the entire world is going to hell in a handbasket, the only person who is upset about it is SIMON COWELL, it looks like Canadian forces have been handing prisoners over to the torture-happy local authorities (sigh), and Le Tigre licensed Deceptacon to a fucking Nivea commercial.