So tired. Spent most of last night in ER waiting room being supportive for Alex (this was after upgrading Wordpress and getting a new template, not like I was just chilling out and making my blog pretty while Alex was spurting blood all over the place), who cut open the back of his thumb on a broken Ikea dinner plate and has mild nerve damage — on the back of his thumb — and a partially cut tendon. On his right hand! The one he uses for typing! And writing! At his job! I am not good with blood. Lots of blood. The doctor had to use a metal thing to spread open his wound, then he got stiches. Then the ER doc sent us home and told us to come back to some nebulous hand repair team in the real morning, which we couldn’t find, but we found a doctor who fixes hands, so it’s all good. He needs a splint. He will be okay though. Did you know the VGH has a hand clinic? Just for hands.