So this week on The Bionic Woman, which I’m still watching kind of in spite myself (Katee Sackhoff wasn’t even on this week), Bionic Woman went undercover…at university! This means the whole episode was basically shot at UBC.

They even have a scene on the patio of the grad pub. Though they make it into a fake coffee shop. But I’ve totally sat at the table that Michelle Ryan, the guest star, and Isaiah Washington were. I’m pretty sure it’s the spot where a bird shat on my head. Clearly, he was just waiting for Isaiah.

Anyway, it’s pretty fascinating to watch people do kind of flatly acted1 espionage in places where I go all the time. The big final fight (at the “Farmer’s Market” for those of you who watched, so I’m guessing no one) was right outside the auditorium where we have screenings.

The Bionic Woman...goes to university

It was pretty exciting for me.

1 Though I like Michelle Ryan a lot better with her real accent; why couldn’t they have just made the character British?