Today is the first day of blogging-every-day month. I hope I can make it! Here is a random assemblage of links and the like, a bunch of which people have already seen. I am a blogger.

Exciting: New Joss Whedon show. Joss Whedon also directed tonight’s Office. I’m really glad they’re not having more hour-long episodes. Is it sad that I want to join the Finer Things club?

Pretty: Maggie Cheung on Sartorialist. I covet her shoes.

Here she is shooting scratches on film out of her eyes in Irma Vep:

Sad: :South Carolina Democrats deny Stephen Colbert. I’m not American, but I did join his Facebook group. I was totally hoping it would like that Robin Williams movie or when Bob Rae won the Ontario elections, only it would work out well. (Colbert Days!) Because he is like apple pie with a hot dog in it. Sexy!