I dyed my hair yesterday morning. It came out really dark brown.


Current Facebook Profile, Faded Red Brown


Drinking Coffee, Having Dark Hair

It’s not different from the colour on the box, but I have no idea why they called this “Cappucino.” Someone at Garnier needs some coffee education. When I met Alex at school in the afternoon, he noted my hair was a different colour: “More like Americano.”

Yesterday I took 8 books out of the library in a serious attempt to get going on this whole “thesis” “research” thing. Two of them are in Spanish. They will probably not be the last. I do actually speak some Spanish, as my undergrad transcripts will tell you, but it is more of the “┬┐Como estas?” “Estoy bien” “Me gusto chocolate” “┬íCerveza!” variety than like, academic criticism. But you know, I get sentence structures; I have a dictionary; I’m sure I can sort of make sense of what’s going on.

Man, my thesis is going to have some poorly self-translated quotes.

Today I am going to watch movies (thesis-related movies) and clean my house a bit before my brother comes.