It’s like reality show central here lately, but I’m so tired of writing about fictional movies (oh, school) and what with the writers’ strike, real TV is kind of drying up.

(PR Canada stuff in the more inside in case people aren’t watching it as it airs.)

I cannot believe he made this shirt and then won Project Runway

I definitely didn’t go in rooting for him — especially not when they showed him basically lazing around the Drive (by which I mean getting stoned) when the other designers were adorably, Europeanly slaving away — but honestly, I’m pretty happy with Biddell’s win.

He may have pulled it out of his ass at the last minute, but I thought some of that stuff was gorgeous. Like, I wanted to look at it more. When they had all the stuff with him re-doing dresses at the last second, I really thought that it was going to result in a crap collection. Are you happy reality TV people? Your magical suspense editing worked. So I was pleasantly surprised with his collection and thought for the first time that he might actually win this shit.

Biddell’s collection

Honestly, he’s got a bunch of talent, but he needs to get his shit together a bit. Being 24 years old is not an excuse. I am 24 years old and I still finish my term papers at the last minute. But I, you know, start them. Why couldn’t he just have the dress he left at home overnighted? That seems like the less crazy approach.


Up until Biddel’s models walked out, I was actively pulling for M-G and her Montrealicity (centre, obvs). My biggest concern with her collection was that it was all just short dresses. I know she’s not going to make a ballgown, but she showed a whole bunch of slim short dresses with the same pleated layery look.


I wish she’d thrown in some pants or shorts or even a skirt and top combo? That said, I really thought that she was trying to take her aesthetic and make it more sophisticated. The whole organic but architectural look worked really well, and I loved her colour palette. I’d just have liked to see more shapes.

Lucian’s stuff was fabulous, but the whole Euro/floral/crocheted bikini look isn’t really my cup of tea. I’m not really sure what about it made the Elle Canada lady cry; I feel like they edited out some good parts there where Lucian was tallking about his childhood growing up in Communist Romania or whatever. I thought his collection was pretty, but it wasn’t something that appealed to me.

Crazy hat

Also, the hats were way too gimmicky. They went with some of the outfits, but seriously, not all of them needed it. It’s not like the collection needed them to be cohesive.

Partway through the episode, when Biddell was talking about how he was such an underdog or whatever I turned to Alex and I said “He totally thinks he’s Canadian Jay McCarroll, but he’s not.” Only then it turned out he kind of was. Medicine Hat (which is apparently where he was born) is totally the Lehman, PA of Canada.

I’m glad they’re giving the opportunity to a young up-and-comer from the middle of nowhere and no connection to like, the fashion establishment. I just hope he doesn’t blow all the money on pot.