I have officially decided to stop having opinions about the American Presidential Election until either the Democratic candidate is decided or October of this year, whenever it stops being annoying.

I obviously care who wins but: Obama and Clinton both have flaws as well as good points. John Edwards was the funniest of the three on Colbert Report the other night, which makes sense because he’s not actually running anymore.

Every two weeks or so the press finds some other total non-issue to push, meanwhile the whole thing is rife with actual sexism and racism as well as overwrought trumped-up accusations of sexism and racism (not to deny the reality of actual sexism and racism, but there are both in this thing). Honestly, I’m not an American voter, so while I do care about the actual election, I am so exhausted with the minutiae; I think Obama and Hillary are both pretty good people to have as president options, given that they are professional mainstream politicians, but that that is a big given in a system where these people will have basically been campaigning for two years to be president and also you pretty much have to be a millionaire to be elected to the Senate in the first place. Seriously, there’s a war on, who cares about bowling?

Watching Obama on The Daily Show last night, it was like he was saying words, but all of his responses were so carefully polished and rote and calculated to be inoffensive that the whole thing just kind washed over me. What really drove it home was when Jon Stewart asked Obama to “hope up” things like “I’m calling to find out if you’re happy with your cell phone service?” It was a funny bit and it was nice to see Obama have a little fun, but honestly, isn’t it all kind of starting to sound like they’re selling cell phone service anyway?