So, I was really excited that Gossip Girl is back for a new season. I have been rewatching the old season for …research (really), and I have to say that this was not exactly a top episode.

I still enjoyed everything involving Chuck and Blair, because they are still pretty and hilarious. They get the best dialogue, and basically are the best, so I will continue to watch their on-again, off-again relationship for as long as possible. Best: the scene where Blair makes sure Chuck sees her heart on “James”’s sleeve, and then she immediately takes it back with that whole “I didn’t feel a thing” cold-hearted awesome. Second-best: Chuck and Nate and Eric playing croquet while they scheme to uncover the truth about “James” (who turned out to be, as Gawker puts it “British McSeersucker”).

Also entertaining was Nate’s secret affair with Shelly the waitress. I hope Leo doesn’t catch them!

Oh, TV love triangles!

In terms of the show though, this is the kind of stupid thing Nate would do, and it involved him jumping out a window in his boxer shorts! I hope it doesn’t last too long though; the whole secret affair should come out in like the third episode, with a minimum of man angst, since no one really cares about Nate’s problems anyway.

The worst parts were all the maneuvering required to get Dan and Jenny to the Vitamin Water White Party in the Hamptons. Jenny basically calls up Eric and is like: “Hey so can we be friends again even though I was totally awful to you when we were dating the same dude? And I felt really bad about it but I didn’t actually reach out and become friends with you again until I wanted something from you? So now you can help me advance my fashion design career, okay?” And Eric is like “I am adorable and I have no idea why I should forgive and/or help you in any way, but I will, for some reason!”

And then Grandma van der Woodsen (actually Grandma Rhodes, but whatever) is like “magic cancer made me suddenly not an awesome snobby alcoholic bitch anymore, so I will suddenly help Dan and Serena get back together again, even though last year I was totally an obstacle to their whole ‘different worlds’ relationship.” Grandma looked lovely all episode though.

I continue to enjoy the pretty fake teenagers and their adventures in attending parties with a minimum of adult supervision, and to think that cheerfulness and exclamation points are the best way to do so! (Well, that and Foucault).