I’m not sure I want to devote whole paragraphs to this show. It wasn’t very good. I will probably still watch this week. (On the other hand, this week’s ANTM was epic, so the CW has that going for it.)

  • None of Jessica Walter’s lines are inherently funny, but she is so good she actually turns banal phrases into hilarity.
  • Annie would be a better heroine if she had a flaw or if someone disliked her for a reason that was actually her fault.
  • What kind of high school does Spring Awakening as its school play? It’s, um, not the kind of thing I would have wanted to perform in front of my parents.
  • Jennie Garth has actually gotten prettier and more likeable as she’s aged.
  • I hope Brandon isn’t Kelly’s baby daddy.
  • What’s the point of bringing Brenda back if she’s going to be nice all the time?
  • How much more would I like “Silver” if she was played by Willa Holland?
  • Is “I’m breaking up with us” the new “I choose me”?