Oh wow, I completely forgive them for the slightly awkward season premiere, because this whole episode was magic.

Serena and Blair at Blair\'s awful Lord-impressing party

Before I get to it, though, uh, Leighton’s making an album?! A music album? Oh, how I hope this is a lie; I don’t think I can deal with Blair Waldorf putting out a vanity project album, either of the Hayden Panettiere uncomfortable pop music writhing in high heels or of the Scarlett Johanssen pretentious Tom Waits cover, nuzzling Salman Rushdie variety.

First thing is, although I am really more of a Blair partisan, Serena was amazing this week. Not that Blair wasn’t (“Basshole”, heh). But Serena, I loved her reaction to Blair’s “It’s like Roman Holiday and I’m Gregory Peck” translating to Blair suddenly loving Marcus the British Lord even though she’s known him for like two seconds. Her reaction being basically “Okay, you love him; I will totally go along with your new, ridiculous scheme.” And even more, I loved S’s tapdancing to make sure everyone knew who everyone was when Nate walked into Blair’s party and saw Blair and Shelly the waitress, heretofore known as the Duchess (heh!). Words can’t describe it, the whole thing, and Gossip Girl’s “What’s this?” voiceover that follows; see the one minute mark in this video. Tee! Serena to the rescue with the information. It’s always about having the information on this show.

Also, poor Nate. He just wants someone to talk to, and apparently the only person he can find, besides Vanessa, who he basically abandons when he gets a better offer (because who wouldn’t), and it’s an old lady who basically turns him into an official whore. That is so much better than taking money from Chuck, his friend who loves him. Seriously, Nate is so pretty and tragic. It’s too bad Chace Crawford isn’t much of an actor.

Uh oh!

I still don’t really care about Vanessa or the Rufus b-plot where he was like, “maybe I should abandon my children some more; oh wait, I love them!” Meh.

Images borrowed from Jaunted.