This week on Gossip Girl: a blackout pushes dramatic action forward! What a novel plot twist! (Like it matters.)

Confession: though Dan is my least favourite character on the show, I’m unclear why “we have had this fight three times in a year” is a good reason to break-up, and I think a lot his supposed relationship problems would be solved if he would only stop making Serena apologize for her existence, I was still shockingly saddened by him and Serena’s break-up. When she leaves the elevator? And he’s all “I still” and she’s all “me too”? And the doors close?

I do have to confess that I’m excited by the previews that promise the return of Bad Girl Serena.

My favourite is mini-Serena

Moreover, I love that the show was smart enough to do Dan and Serena as celebrity breakup, complete with random fangirls coming up to them on the street to give them their opinion about their relationship. That scene was amazing. I think one of the things that Gossip Girl does, besides be pretty and funny, is to kind of stage this switch to a new normal, in which having no privacy is the way it is. Case in point: Dan’s conversation with Rufus where he was all “You’re still reading should-they-break-up threads, aren’t you?,” which contains two insights about the Gossip Girl universe that I find especially fascinating. One is that this means that Rufus is aware of the existence of Gossip Girl, a website that features breathless by-the-minute accounts of his children’s relationships and social lives, and two is that this does not utterly disturb him. OMFG indeed.

In other news, I acutally like Nate and Vanessa as a couple now, and my favourite part of Blair and Chuck’s dark-groping is when Lord Marcus asks “Did you really not know it was him?” And Blair completely realizes how preposterous the whole thing is and is all “No, I knew it was him.” The way she delivers that line is gold.