The three best things about last night’s Gossip Girl.

One, the hurt and humiliation on Blair’s face when Vanessa gives her the bad news re: Marcus and Duchess Shelley the waitress.

I love everything about that scene, from the fact that Blair is hurt and sad, not just by being cheated on, but by having to be told so by Vanessa Abrams, to the irony of her sunny dress.

Two, Chuck just floating around being creepy and manipulating people for no apparent reason. In a lilac suit!

He\'s Chuck Bass.

“Cashing out so soon Humphrey?” “You really should wear a bell.” “Oh, I thought you’d be able to hear me miles away because my suit is so loud.”

Three, the ascendancy of Queen Serena.

The various meanings of a Chanel scarf.

That whole scene was so weird, how Serena takes her signature Chanel scarf headband off and ties it around Blair’s neck like that, and it goes along with a gesture of sympathy but it actually is totally like a secret signal of girl-dominance that only the initiated would understand.

So many levels of absurd and amazing.