Ugh. I am sick, and the only thing worse than being sick and missing work is being sick and not actually having work to miss, and then wordpress doesn’t want me to upload images anymore, so anyway I am sorry my Gossip Girl post is two days late!

This was kind of a so-so episode for my personal enjoyment, even if it wasn’t actually bad in many respects, mainly because it centred on Jenny and Dan, who are way less interesting than Blair and Serena, the actual stars of the show. But there were some moments of greatness, by which I mainly mean Chuck stealing Dan’s shoes.

So the first problem is that this episode is about Dan’s writing career, which is totally, comically, ridiculous in every way, since he is just a high school student who writes about his girl problems. On the one hand, I like that in Gossip Girl, even being a writer is about uncovering deeply-held secrets, which means it’s about knowledge-as-power dynamics, as opposed to actually having any imagination at all. However, Dan’s ridiculous writing career allowed Chuck to abandon him in the streets of New York with no wallet, no cellphone, and no shoes, so I think we’re even. You don’t eff with an effer, Dan.

Also, this scene is amazing in displaying Chuck’s casual contempt for Dan:

Chuck Bass-related aside: I am particularly disappointed in the whole “My dad hates me because he thinks I killed my mom in childbirth, so that’s why I am such an amazing dissolute teen dandy” angle. I am hoping that that’s just what Chuck tells people so they’ll feel bad for him, like the Joker’s series of different stories about how he got his scars.

Also, of interest is Lily’s deep dark secret, and the way that Bart stood behind her with the sexy elaborate necklace.

But I love how consistent and well-drawn the Blair-Serena relationship is on the show. This was totally the inevitable conclusion of the photoshoot in “Bad News Blair,” (Season 1, Ep. 4) where Eleanor picks Serena to model for her over her own daughter. I love the just, like, fundamental injustice of the fact that things just kind of come easy for Serena and that Blair has to bust her ass for everything, just as a function of their personalities or something. Especially since the actual prize of this competition is not actually a thing, it’s just this nebulous sense of being adored or something.

I further love, and I don’t think I have noted this, that every single thing in Blair Waldorf’s life is a beloved tradition that can’t be broken or altered in any way.

Did anyone else catch the Vitamin Water in the gift bags at Eleanor Waldorf’s show? Product placement as self-reference! LOL.