Aw, I kind of loved Jenny’s guerilla fashion show. It reminded me of that scene in…I want to say Girls Just Want To Have Fun, where they crash a society party with their contemporary dance or whatever.

How fitting is it that Jenny’s whole downfall/uprising is all scored to cover songs? Last week she was dancing in her bra to “How Soon Is Now” (by T.a.t.u, awesomely) — and this week she was like, wearing a crazy hat and distributing polaroids with her phone number to society folks to “Sheena Is a Punk Rocker.”

Obviously I love all the Blue States Lose-ness of Agnes and gross RISD dude. It’s another kind of new celebrity being brought into the Gossip Girl fold, coexisting with the Tinsley Mortimers. Did you know Cory Kennedy was on 90210 early on? I am a little bit worried about little J, looking like an Avril Lavigne video with her shapeless sweater and all her eyeliner and her little suitcase. I’ve gotta say, I would probably run away too if my Dad totally tried to get me arrested in a misguided attempt to make me hit rock bottom.

I love that even Lily was like, uh, no Rufus. Rufus and Dan kept acting like this brilliant publicity stunt was like THE WORST MISTAKE JENNY COULD EVER MAKE, but you guys? She was on Page 6! All that was bad that happened was that some boring society gala was less boring! Even Lily was kind of awkwardly jamming to the tunes. Seriously, she took a risk, but it totally paid off.

It does kind of make sense in the weird way that nothing on this show makes sense, in that it’s all about the price you are willing to pay for your “success.” Rufus didn’t want to pay the price of his “personal integrity” to be more than a forgotten ’90s band; Lily kind of did sell herself out for a bunch of trust funds. She’s paying for that now, but she’s got galas being thrown for her and Rufus’s daughter just ran away and Dan led with “I finished my story” at breakfast. Jenny’s talent and chances are being contrasted with Rufus’s own choices — she’s making the hard choices he never could.

Of course, next week we’ll see her burning down a model home with her skeezy friends, and then she’ll apologize to everyone and be chastised or whatever.

In Blair related news, the Blair story was kind of meh. Leighton killed it, and the whole thing fit with the new sensitive Blair we saw last week, and I liked the kind of “sweet” moment where Chuck says he didn’t fuck a teenager in the back of his limo out of sentiment for her. I guess after last week’s big culmination of their whole love as a series of dramatic games storyline (not for nothing did This Recording’s Molly Lambert bust out Baudrillard there), we needed to give Blair and Chuck a rest.

And, Serena? Run away! Aaron is totally charming and switches between being really cute and kind of hideous in an entirely Westwickian way, but he is terrible! He was like, “I could tell you who that chick was in my apartment, or I could pretend that you’re just looking for reasons not to date me.” Uh, it is not looking for reasons not to date someone so much as ignoring clear warning signs. Seriously Guattari & Deloser is nothing but trouble.