Obviously there are a thousand places on the internet you can get Gossip Girl recaps, so this one’s going to be all about the party dresses:

The most prominent last night, Vanessa’s is beautiful, belongs to someone else, and is transparent when you hold it up to the light.

Serena’s is everything at once. It manages to both be a big-skirted ballgown and show off her legs at the same time. Like her, it shouldn’t be that gorgeous, but it works. (And the less said about her no-tie boyfriend, the better.)

Jenny’s reflects her current situation all too well: she is a black-hearted little Dickensian seamstress. With fishnet tights, standby of any girl who’s trying to be more bad than she really is.

The mean girls are all forgettable in pastels.

Blair’s is a little harder to pin down. It’s more structured and old-fashioned, almost parodic of old-Hollywood glamour. It’s a bit too old for her, but she wears it like armor. (Chuck’s tux is like a normal tux, except that his dinner jacket is covered in sequins.)

Also, I know that many might decry the influence of Gossip Girl on teen girls, encouraging, as it does, bitchiness, acquisitiveness, and a complacency about an economy and culture that’s kind of broken. But I don’t know that Gossip Girl isn’t a step above many of the classic teen soap operas even by the measure of female representation. S & B are no Buffy (who had her own problems, but let’s not get into that now), but they’re not exactly passive victims either. They may be bitches, but that’s not a bad thing anymore, remember? Bitches get stuff done. The Gossip Girls, they go after what they want, even if means crazily running away from home to start their own clothing line.1 Gossip Girls don’t let boys walk all over them. Gossip Girls masturbate.

And while I am mostly grossed out by the transformation of Chuck from would-be rapist to romantic hero, I do applaud that they made their gross alpha-male sex dude the most fey man on television.

  1. Which, as a sentence, is hilarious.