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‘Tis the season, Marge!

I can’t believe it’s still snowy here. I hope school doesn’t get cancelled tomorrow, it’s the last day for me to do TA evaluations with my students. I have numerical points, they get less relevant as they go on.

1) Thanks, Stephen Harper. This is so dumb. For one, it already passed. For two, the Supreme Court already said that unequal marriage laws are unconstitutional. For three, even if it would fail in a “free vote,” the reason we have a constitution is to protect minority rights. Sigh.

2) Snow makes me totally want to bake; I still have a while (and a lot of essays) before Christmas baking season starts in earnest, but my muffins puffed up much better this time. Reasons: I bought new baking powder and also, I mixed even less thoroughly. My winter baking plans include Nigella’s savoury blue cheese cooking, maybe trying to find some kind of mint chocolate brownies, and I want to try out eggnog muffins. (I may try that well before. Also, it would give me the excuse to buy eggnog. I’m like Homer Simpson: “We only get thirty sweet noggy days. Then the government takes it away again.” I will totally pour eggnog on my cereal.

3) The Fame kids are snowed in. This was totally a Baby-Sitter’s Club Super Special (it hasn’t been recapped yet at BSC Headquarters. (Those were the extra-long ones with chapters narrated by alternating girls, as opposed to the normal ones, which were from the perspective of one particular sitter.) Jessi was even stuck at her dance school! I bet Ann M. Martin watched Fame, even if she cut out the teen pregnancy storyline.

UPDATE: 4) Ugh, it’s Lucille Ball day on TCM. Lucy’s not really in any movies that are considered “classic,” except maybe Stage Door, in which she’s a pretty minor character and it is awesome because of Ginger Rogers, Katharine Hepburn and, to a lesser degree, Eve Arden. According to the website, it’s actually Lucille Ball Month. Come on TCM, you can do better than that. I could do better than that. I would be an awesome classic film network programmer.


So I’ve decided to turn my well-documented inability to stop talking about Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip into “research” via writing a paper on it.

So I went to the library to find some books on Aaron Sorkin, you know to see what had already been written. I discovered that a few books have been written on Sorkin, especially on The West Wing.

I was excited to discover that I had so much material to work with. Then, I was disheartened to discover that book designers are not that creative.

Check it out: Continue Reading »

“You don’t get to call me a whore!”

Total perfect Sunday:

Hors D’Oeuvres:

Bread and Cheese

Main Course:

Corn and Bacon Chowder


Blueberries, Blackberries and French Vanilla

We were planning on getting figs and trying to eat them, since we’d seen pints of them for sale in every street market a few days earlier, but apparently between Thursday and Sunday, all the figs disappeared. This was a disappointment, but we took it in stride.

Add a few dashes of Arrested Development Season 1 and a new Grey’s Anatomy.

Saturday we ran errands. The shoe-repair guy near my house basically told Alex his shoes suck and that he should just get different shoes. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone rejected by a somone selling a service before.

Our “getting our pants hemmed” — as we have to do with all pants, because we’re short — venture was much more successful, as was our “getting donairs” venture, not to mention our “checking out Type, that new bookstore on Queen” venture. (The latter resulted in my buying George and Rue, which is the debut novel of one of my English profs. So far (12 pages in) it’s good.)

Shake your head, it’s empty

Oh. The. Stress. Grad school applications? Oh man, why didn’t I work on them over Christmas? I am a fool.

Now, for two non-procrastinatory notes.

Note one is Rach tagged me to do this music thing:

Think of 5 songs that remind you of someone. Then post the song, band/singer, who it reminds you of and why. It can be any song and any person. Then tag five people.

  1. This Is Everything – Tegan and Sara: will always remind of Dan because his internet nickname is from a misremembered lyric of it: “frosted lemon coward” became “lemon frosted killer.” Also, going to see them with him was my first grownup show — small band, small venue, “indieness,” etc. Plus I listened to a ridiculous amount of T&S right after I moved away to school and Dan went on his mission, in the long mopey phase that marked the end of our relationship.

  2. On My Own – (from Les Mis): my best friend from elementary school fancied herself a singer (actually, she kind of is a singer now; last I heard she was going to opera school) and was obsessed with the show and Eponine in particular. I remember hours of her rewinding her soundtrack tape to just that song and singing it over and over as she daydreamed about her intense elementary school crush.

  3. Letter of Resignation – The Weakerthans: my younger brother (who is, for the record, 10x cooler and 1,000x more punk rock than me) got me into the Weakerthans at some point in my first year or two of school and Fallow was the only album he had at that point. For some reason, “Letter of Resignation” was the song that grabbed me. It always stuck with me because it was the point that I realized that my dorky younger brother who at one point actually owned a chemistry set and had ambitions to be a comedian of some kind (but in the dorkiest, in retrospect, cutest way possible) had outstripped me in the cool wars.

  4. We Both Go Down Together – The Decemberists: I’m not really the kind of girl who tries to change a guy, but I do take credit for turning Alex into a Decemberists fan. He definitely liked them before, but when Picaresque came out, he couldn’t stop talking about how awesome this song was. We saw them twice last year, and the first show was actually awesome enough to outshine the Phoenix’s horrible doors-at-6 show policy. When we left, Alex said “You know, I think the Decemberists are my favourite band,” like, he’d never had a favourite band. It was like that episode of Gilmore Girls where they take Paris to go see the Bangles and she’s never been to a concert before. (Alex had been to a concert before, but not really until I started dragging him to things).

  5. Turn a Square – The Shins: my friend M. from second and third years. (We didn’t stop being friends, she just moved away). She just really liked this song.

I’m not tagging anyone, because it’s against my religion. But anyone who sees this on my blog and thinks “I want to do that” can say I tagged them and I won’t deny it.

Note two is I’ve started a reading list with an annual numbered goal. The idea is that if I keep a list, I will actually read more. And that will be good.

(This means: I want book recommendations. I like fiction of almost all varieties, memoirs of the David Sedaris-Augusten Burroughs variety, graphic novels of the hipster variety, and non-fiction of the interesting variety. I dislike epic fantasy, and really, most fantasy in general.)

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