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Sleighbells ring

Recent photos I took off my camera in preparation for Christmas Vacation, which starts very soon.

Rhizome, etc.

I have bitched a lot about Vancouver, but I actually really love my neighbourhood. It’s not, like, super-fancy, but there are tons of great places to eat, to the point that you can just be like “Let’s go get brunch” and you will wind up eating some good food. My brother and I were going to to go this one place, but it was lined up out the door, so we walked a few more blocks and wound up at the Rhizome. I have lived ten minutes away from there for like, a year, but I’d never been in until today. They have homemade baked goods (including the biscuit my vegetarian pseudo-eggs benedict (with spinach and roasted red peppers and a squash sauce was served on) and good coffee and pay-what-you-want lentil stew (which I didn’t eat, but I love the principle) and a great looking lunch and dinner menu. (I also finally made it to local institution The Naam last night. My review: yum!)

Unrelated photos:

Also interesting: TPM cafe book club discussion of Susan Faludi’s The Terror Dream. I’m really looking forward to reading this one: I read a big chunk at Chapters a couple weeks ago and it’s excellent, if depressing.

Just in time for the season

I am using this blog month thing to post some photos I never got around to putting up or even uploading to flickr. These are from the boat tour my parents and I took in August around Coal Harbour. The crispness is partly the day and partly my amazing semi-new camera. My favourite part was the big stacks of shipping containers.