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Holy Shit

Apparently the RCMP locked down the Bio Sciences building at UBC. Apparently there’s a suicidal student with a gun?

I’m not at school today but I just talked to Alex who’s heading off campus and he said that there were 2 helicopters circling but everyone was kind of just going about their business.

It doesn’t sound like anyone was hurt at least? But CBC says there’s an explosive disposal unit there.

Holy shit you guys.

Alma Mater

OMG they shut down Gate House.

Best quote from the article:

Recent incidents included putting a cooked pig’s head in a women’s washroom and building a 2.5-metre snow penis outside the residence.

Second best:

Calls to Gooch were referred to Jason Hunter, dean of students at Victoria.

“The penis … the pig’s head,” he said, laughing. “It’s hard to say what the final straw was. I’ve talked to residents who were happy to move out.”

I love that the Toronto Star is reporting on a 2.5 metre snow penis in the Vic College quad.

Wanna be on top?

Man, I have nothing to say today. Some days, I sit down and get a bunch of work done, and some days…not so much.

Today was a not so much day.

The thing is I’m not really a morning person, but I actually work way better in the morning. So I’m trying to train myself to be a morning person so that I actually finish my thesis. I’m doing okay with it, but today I got a late start and wound up drinking coffee and reading TWOP a bunch. Apparently Saleshia has appeared on The Tyra Banks show as a model, which makes her involvement on ANTM even more suspect than when we just knew she went to Tyra’s camp. If she wins, I call shenanigans.

I’m trying not to beat myself up if I have one bad day in an otherwise productive week, mainly because then I get discouraged and work even less, which is kind of the opposite of the point of this whole “be self-directed” endeavour.

Sorry I’m so boring: go read this article about female magicians instead.

Referring to the vast range of tricks that involve cutting up or “disappearing” women, she suggests that “violent magic also has a relationship with horror movies such as Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which is about disembodying women or violence against their bodies. Horror – death, amputation, decapitation, mortality – fascinates people and often that fascination in our culture is explored through women’s bodies. There is an aspect of magic that plays with that and fetishises it.”

The magician PT Selbit is acknowledged as the first person to “saw” a person in half. It was 1921, the height of the suffragatte protests, and he provocatively – and deliberately, given the climate of the time – chose a woman as his “victim”. In fact, he tried his best to secure the services of Christabel Pankhurst, daughter of the founder of the suffragette movement, Emmeline, but Christabel wisely turned him down. All the same, the event was a big hit. While audiences queued in the streets for tickets, stage hands threw buckets of fake blood into the gutters, and ambulances cranked up the gory anticipation by rushing to and fro. When the woman was finally sawn in half, the audience went wild.


I dyed my hair yesterday morning. It came out really dark brown.


Current Facebook Profile, Faded Red Brown


Drinking Coffee, Having Dark Hair

It’s not different from the colour on the box, but I have no idea why they called this “Cappucino.” Someone at Garnier needs some coffee education. When I met Alex at school in the afternoon, he noted my hair was a different colour: “More like Americano.”

Yesterday I took 8 books out of the library in a serious attempt to get going on this whole “thesis” “research” thing. Two of them are in Spanish. They will probably not be the last. I do actually speak some Spanish, as my undergrad transcripts will tell you, but it is more of the “┬┐Como estas?” “Estoy bien” “Me gusto chocolate” “┬íCerveza!” variety than like, academic criticism. But you know, I get sentence structures; I have a dictionary; I’m sure I can sort of make sense of what’s going on.

Man, my thesis is going to have some poorly self-translated quotes.

Today I am going to watch movies (thesis-related movies) and clean my house a bit before my brother comes.


So this week on The Bionic Woman, which I’m still watching kind of in spite myself (Katee Sackhoff wasn’t even on this week), Bionic Woman went undercover…at university! This means the whole episode was basically shot at UBC.

They even have a scene on the patio of the grad pub. Though they make it into a fake coffee shop. But I’ve totally sat at the table that Michelle Ryan, the guest star, and Isaiah Washington were. I’m pretty sure it’s the spot where a bird shat on my head. Clearly, he was just waiting for Isaiah.

Anyway, it’s pretty fascinating to watch people do kind of flatly acted1 espionage in places where I go all the time. The big final fight (at the “Farmer’s Market” for those of you who watched, so I’m guessing no one) was right outside the auditorium where we have screenings.

The Bionic Woman...goes to university

It was pretty exciting for me.

1 Though I like Michelle Ryan a lot better with her real accent; why couldn’t they have just made the character British?

“Let me hear you depoliticize my rhyme”

Dudes, I’m done all my essays! And I’m on summer break! So now I should probably get a job? Summer semester marking is NOT going to pay the the rent.

Ideally I will get a reception job where I can keep a book at my desk and they will pay me $20 an hour. Realistically I will get a reception job where I have tasks to be completed all the time and they will pay me $13 an hour. This isn’t a bad deal, it will put food on the table and rent movies for me. (Did you guys know Alex hasn’t seen Bring It On? This must be rectified.)

I have kind of had a rough couple of weeks, what with the being really stressed about school, having writer’s block or something, and reading the most depressing book ever. The world, it is not a good place. I am pretty sure I hate everything. Like, I may have thought I hated everything before, but I feel so negative about what is going on with the human race and the total lack of possible solutions and my total powerlessness in this regard that now I am pretty positive that this is the REAL DEAL of world-hating. Is this what growing up is? I mean, I am a functional world-hater, I make my fish tacos and watch my TV shows and do my work and find shopping oddly comforting, even if I don’t actually buy anything; but ultimately, my reaction to everything is run through a filter of world-hating cynicism. And I don’t think I could change that even if I wanted to. See above re: the world.

Things are dire: the entire world is going to hell in a handbasket, the only person who is upset about it is SIMON COWELL, it looks like Canadian forces have been handing prisoners over to the torture-happy local authorities (sigh), and Le Tigre licensed Deceptacon to a fucking Nivea commercial.

Get it together, Vancouver

This is my last NaBloPoMo post, meaning I have blogged every single day for the month of November. This is good, because it definitely rekindled my love of blogging, and willingness to post about movies I watched, because people actually respond to those posts.

Here is my November in review:

1) I had to boil my drinking water for the first time ever. I know I already complained about this, but THIS IS WHY I DO NOT LIVE IN THE COUNTRY. I might as well have to pump it from a frickin’ well.

2) It snowed. For two days straight. In Vancouver. School closed for a day. There is still snow on the ground and I can tell you it is getting less pretty by the minute. It is starting to melt, which is much, much less awesome. They had to reroute my bus. Because, I think (?), they don’t have snowplows. 2a) Though it is apparently the law, you wouldn’t know it from the unshoveled sidewalks in my neighbourhood.

3) I have so much work to do. Grading papers, writing papers, reading papers. Then I am going home for Christmas and in Toronto for New Year’s. (FYI I will be in Calgary Dec 17-27, and then to Toronto Dec 27-Jan 4).

4) Classes are basically over starting tomorrow, but I have a little under three weeks to finish up writing papers. This is kind of good, because it means I have all my time to work on papers, but kind of bad because I don’t do well without structure. Note to self: invent a structure.

Sign that I’ve been thinking too hard about America’s Next Top Model*

Subtitle: Nothing exciting has happened to me this week; I have gone to the movies four times (I wish there was a word for “four times” like “thrice,” that I could say instead of “four times”. Sigh.)

So this morning, I woke up when Alex left for work, then went back to sleep, as I usually do. He then called me when he got to work, and, since I didn’t have to be on campus until later, I set my cell phone alarm to wake me an in an hour so I could edit my paper proposal and write presentation grades and comments for my students before it was time to go teach. When the alarm went off, I hit snooze.

I found myself laying in bed, knowing I had work to do. But I was so comfortable. So, I said this, literally, out loud, to myself. “Would it be wrong for me to bring my computer in here and work…in bed? …So wrong it’s right!!!”

In grad school, you make your own fun.

*This season hasn’t been the awesomest, despite the fact that Tyra Banks has been even more of a trainwreck than usual (I loved it when she fell down), but I am totally rooting for the twins, both together and individually. They are funny-looking, but funny-looking like models, not funny-looking like Jaeda. Also, they do not seem like total idiots, which is a plus. I think Caridee will actually win: she is cute, has been likeably edited, and seems perky like a CoverGirl spokesmodel ought to be.

What condition my condition is in

Last night, we (Alex, myself, and a couple of guys from my program) went to a Big Lebowski beer garden on campus, which entailed onerous lining up, for entrance, for drink tickets and then to exchange drink tickets for actual drinks, but this resulted in getting mildly tipsy in a movie theatre while watching the aforementioned film, which, for my money is not a bad way to spend a Friday night.

I was expecting the requisite quote shouting, which was almost made easier by the way everyone in that movie repeats themselves when they say something especially trenchant, but not the (invented?) “shouting ‘Lebowski!’ every time someone says ‘Lebowski’”, nor the jackass sitting behind us, who not only did the quote-shout, but also the “talk along with the lyrics of the songs on the soundtrack ” (seriously, it’s Creedence, you don’t deserve a Nobel prize) and fully explained totally obvious jokes like “See, because Ralph’s is the store? Where he wrote the cheque? They put the ashes in a coffee can!” I still had a good time, but this affirmed my long-held suspicion that my friends and I are smarter than most of the people in the world. (In other words, I had a great time. Superiority rules.)

This belief was not shaken by my Starbucks* encounter with a “network marketer” who was sitting at the next table and talking to her coffee date — from some nebulous financial services company — about her “product” and how when you sell things, you need a product and about how she herself is a hypocrite because she invests money in things that she disagrees with; but if it’s happening, she wants her piece! (Which…ugh, whatever.) Basically it was boring and loud.

So I tried to drown them out, reading Zizek on Lenin. Woo. Woo?

*Eggnog latte! If there’s one benefit to having Christmas decorations up even before US Thanksgiving, it’s the eggnog latte.


What does one wear to meet Slavoj Zizek?


Okay, so I met world famous intellectual Slavoj Zizek, technically last night when he gave a lecture at our university; we (the students in my seminar — on Zizek) got to join in on a coffee/breakfast chat with him before his plane left. Continue Reading »

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